CS/HB 5005 on Calendar; 2nd Reading Next Session on Wednesday

Apr 01, 2011

CS/HB 5005 by Economic Affairs Committee, Business & Consumer Affairs Subcommittee, Hukill (Compare HB 4009, HB 4011, CS/HB 4013, HB 4021, HB 4023, HB 4195, CS/HB 5007, SB 474, SB 1624, SB 1626, SB 1634) Deregulation of Professions and Occupations; Deletes provisions establishing Florida Board of Auctioneers & Motor Vehicle Repair Advisory Council, deletes provisions for regulation of yacht & ship brokers, auctioneers, talent agencies, athlete agents, persons practicing hair braiding, hair wrapping, or body wrapping, interior designers, professional fundraising consultants & solicitors, water vending machines & operators, health studios, ballroom dance studios, commercial telephone sellers & salespersons, movers & moving brokers, certain outdoor theaters, certain business opportunities, motor vehicle repair shops, sellers of travel, contracts with sales representatives involving commissions, & television picture tubes; revises name & membership of Board of Architecture; revises license classifications of public lodging establishments. Effective Date: July 1, 2011 Economic Affairs Committee: Favorable With Committee Substitute; Appropriations Committee: Favorable