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Racine Claude Westport, L.L.C. Brokerage
Rafferty Michael IYC Brokerage
Ralph Kevin Worth Avenue Yachts LLC Brokerage
Ramirez Diego IRI/The Marshall Islands Registry Documentation/Registration Principal Member
Ramirez Yesenia Megayacht Technical Services International Yacht Services
Ramos Frank Intercoastal Financial Group Bank/Finance Principal Member
Ramsey Randy Bluewater Yacht Sales Brokerage Principal Member
Rasmussen Brian Oversea Yacht Insurance Insurance
Raulin Ralph Worth Avenue Yachts LLC Brokerage
Ravelo Juan United Yacht Sales Brokerage
Raycroft Jim Raycroft Photography Yacht Services Principal Member
Reardon Michael Reardon Yacht Consulting Yacht Services Principal Member
Reda Ken MarineMax East, Inc. Brokerage
Redkin Anna Outer Reef Yachts Brokerage
Reeck Gerald Silver Seas Yachts Brokerage
Reeder Steele Howard S. Reeder, Inc. Yacht Services Principal Member
Reinhardt Gary Tampa Yacht Sales Brokerage
Reitz Daniel Bluewater Yacht Sales Brokerage
Renfrow Jim Total Marine Brokerage
renick michele Michele Renick Yacht Sales, Inc. Brokerage
Reoch Steve All Ocean Yachts Brokerage
Rey Indira Worth Avenue Yachts LLC Brokerage
Reynolds Jay J.P. Reynolds Company, Inc. Yacht Services Principal Member
Rhoades Jay Denison Yacht Sales, Inc. Brokerage
Rhodes Dennis Atlantic Yacht and Ship, Inc. Brokerage
Ricart Tyrene Burgess
Rich Debra Creative Yacht Solutions, Inc. Documentation/Registration Principal Member
Richards Jennifer The Hinckley Company Brokerage Principal Member
Richardson Tande Elite Financial International LLC Bank/Finance
Rigos Linda Peter Kehoe & Associates Brokerage
Riley Rebecca Anything on the Water Brokerage Principal Member CPYB
Roark Patrick MarineMax Brokerage
Roberton Scott MarineMax, Inc. Brokerage
Roberts Tyrone Nassau Yacht Haven Marina Principal Member
Robertson Bianca Northrop and Johnson Yachts-Ships, Inc. Brokerage
Robertson Chad Denison Yacht Sales, Inc. Brokerage
Robertson Gina Fraser Yachts Florida, Inc. Charter
Robertson Jack HMY Yacht Sales, Inc. Brokerage
Robertson Rodney Denison Yacht Sales, Inc. Brokerage
Robie Ted Nordhavn Yachts Brokerage Principal Member CPYB
Robilio Michael Concord Marine Electronics Yacht Services Principal Member
Robinson Fred Robinson Law Firm, PLLC Attorney Principal Member
Roddin (Sabia) Stacey Top Notch Marine, INC Brokerage Principal Member
Rodriguez Michael Global Marine Insurance Insurance
Rogers Alex Westport, L.L.C. Brokerage Principal Member
Rogers Anita British American Household Staffing Yacht Services Principal Member
Rogers James Tom George Yacht Group Brokerage CPYB
Rogers Lori Galati Yacht Sales Brokerage
Roman Noah Sovereign Marine Group Brokerage
Romer Keith Romer Yachting Services, LLC Brokerage
Romeu Maria Yacht Services
Roney Brendan IYC Brokerage
Roney Kyle MarineMax Yachts & Brokerage Brokerage
Roohan William Galati Yacht Sales Brokerage
Ropiza Michelle The Moorings Yacht Brokerage Brokerage
Rosa Yamilette The Catamaran Company Brokerage
Rosario Felix Crossnet/Cigisped, USA Yacht Transportation Principal Member
Roscioli Robert Waterside Yacht Sales Brokerage
Rose Amy Wellington Yacht Partners, LLC Brokerage
Ross Courtney Ross Yacht Sales, LLC Brokerage
Ross David Reel Deal Yachts, Inc. Brokerage Principal Member
Ross Katie Quantum Marine Stabilizers Yacht Services
Ross Robert Leopard Catamarans USA & Leopard Brokerage Brokerage CPYB
Rowe Alex SYS Yacht Sales Brokerage CPYB
Royhl Charles SYS Yacht Sales Brokerage CPYB
Ruggiero Lindsey Galati Yacht Sales Brokerage YBIC
Ruiz Carlos Web and Tech
Rummel Jeff Galati Yacht Sales Brokerage CPYB
Russell Julia GMT Global Marine Travel Yacht Services
Russell Thomas Curtis Stokes & Associates, Inc. Brokerage YBIC
Russick Norm St. Petersburg Yacht Sales Brokerage
Ryder Lang Seacoast Marine Finance Bank/Finance Principal Member